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About Us

Archipelago - (ah-ki-pe-la-goh) n. a group of islands

Archipelago PR is a small but effective independent public relations company based in Erith, Kent and is the brain-child of Charlie O'Connor.
Charlie has qualifications in Media Communication Studies (C&G) and also Media Design (NDD), specialising in photography. Before founding Archipelago Charlie was a keen martial arts student and used her media skills in the position of PR and Press Officer for the United Kingdom Karate-do Wado Kai Federation (UKKW) headed by Professor Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan.

During the 5 years in this role Charlie built up good relationships with the martial arts and sports media which she continues to this day. These relationships give Archipelago the experience to generate focus and attention on any sports and martial arts project it undertakes.

After taking a break from the world of PR Charlie worked as a professional Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard both in the UK and abroad and in retail management. Again these positions offered valuable experience which Archipelago benefits from and can pass onto its clients.

Charlie is an Afilliate member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Archipelago Is Born

While taking time off to have her first child Charlie got involved in PR again in a voluntary role. This time covering regional press for singer/songwriter Jake Shillingford, formerly of Britpop band "My Life Story". This enjoyable and successful role reminded Charlie of how much she enjoyed the work and led to her forming her own full-time professional PR company, Archipelago PR. Since then she has not looked back and has gained a superb reputation and many prestigious and happy clients (see client page).

The goal of Archipelago PR is to provide positive public and media relations for all clients from regional press to worldwide press. We aim to use our experience and success to gain them the coverage, publicity and recognition necessary in their respective fields to increase their career success.

Archipelago excels working with clients, who, like Charlie, believe in and love what they do. The positive professional relationships built in this way lead to client satisfaction and the ongoing and expanding success of Archipelago PR.